Craig Israelsen

ETF Strategist Corner

Fixed Income Returns During Rising Rates

It's an unusual environment for fixed income, but what if it starts to normalize?

ETF Strategist Corner

A 30-Year Look At Value Vs Growth

The gap between the two is a source of much debate and study.

ETF Strategist Corner

Making Salsa With ETFs

The ETF universe offers the core ingredients for a solid portfolio recipe.

ETF Strategist Corner

Prudent Withdrawal Rates

A historical perspective on retirement portfolios.

ETF Strategist Corner

Impact Of Lowering Portfolio Costs

Switching to lower cost funds can have significant effects on long-term outcomes.

Journal Of Indexes

The New ‘Effective’ Frontier

Improving on the traditional 60/40 portfolio.

Features and News

Pure Target Date Indexes

Creating better benchmarks for target date funds

Journal Of Indexes

Variance Among Indexes

This article outlines the annual performance differentials between six major index makers: Dow Jones (and DJ Wilshire), Lipper, MSCI, Morningstar, Russell and Standard & Poor’s. More to the point, the article explores “index dependency.”

Journal Of Indexes

A Brave New World

ETFs square off against index funds in the battle of the century. At stake? Billions of dollars in investment capital.