Jamie Gordon

Jamie started at ETF Stream as a reporter in January 2021. Previously, he was a senior journalist at the UK Investor Magazine, Investment Observer, UK Startup Magazine and UK Property Journal. He holds an undergraduate degree in politics and international relations, and a postgraduate degree in ethics.

Features and News

How Long Can Russia ETFs Remain On Ice?

Investors face hitting eject at zero value or waiting for an eventual reopen date.

Features and News

BlackRock Extends Voting Powers

Initiative covers index strategies invested in by U.S. and U.K. institutional clients, pension funds, insurance companies and corporations.

Features and News

Weighing Risks, Opportunities In Emerging Markets

Disaggregating emerging markets and the evolution of single-country exposures.

Features and News

Russia Ranks Higher On ESG Than 15 Other Sovereigns

Ongoing challenges in ranking the sustainability of different governments.

Features and News

Passive Ownership Of S&P 500 Doubles In 7 Years

On average, passives own around a fifth of each company in the S&P 500.

Features and News

DWS CEO Resigns After Greenwashing-Related Police Raid

Investigation began after its former head of sustainability said DWS made misleading statements on aligning $900 billion in assets with ESG criteria in 2020.

Features and News

NBER: Bond ETFs Sacrifice Index Tracking For Liquidity In Market Unrest

Bond ETFs don’t always do what they purport.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Grayscale’s CEO Reveals Reasons For Entering European ETF Market

Michael Sonnenshein hasn’t ruled out acquiring a smaller crypto ETP issuer.

Features and News

ETF Industry At Loggerheads After Tesla Ejection From S&P 500 ESG Index

Experts question Tesla’s ESG credentials, the transparency of ESG ratings and index methodology.