Jillian DelSignore

Jillian DelSignore is principal at Chicago-based Lakefront Advisory, a firm focused on improving and scaling distribution strategies in the ETF industry.

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Model Portfolios’ Role In ETF Access

These strategies are playing a bigger and bigger part in the ETF distribution challenge.

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Home Office ETF Adoption Hurdles

ETF issuers, advisors and home offices alike face the ETF distribution and access challenge.

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When Advisors Can't Access Your ETF

Not all advisors have equal access to all ETFs, and the distribution challenge only grows as the industry grows.

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Distribution Challenge ETF Issuers Face

The ETF rule welcomes more ETFs, but overlooks distribution.

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ETFs Are Sold, Not Bought

The more new ETFs come to market, the harder it is for them to get noticed.

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How To Change Face Of ETF Distribution

The global pandemic offers opportunities to do ETF sales in a new way, with some new faces.