Paul Amery

Paul Amery is the former European editor of

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It’s Structure, Not HFT That Needs Fixing

Reforms to share markets should focus on reducing complexity, not speed, say market participants  

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Building Funds By Module

Investors borrow construction approaches from industry to cut costs and reduce complexity

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China’s Index Challenge

As China liberalises its capital markets, big decisions lie ahead for benchmark providers.

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Source Deal Could Trigger More Consolidation

Private equity firm’s takeover of ETF issuer may signal industry shake-up in Europe Analysis

Active ETFs Are The Next Big Thing

It’s been a long wait, but active ETFs may now start to gain significant assets and momentum

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In Search Of An Active ETF Model

Despite growing interest, there’s no standard model for exchange-traded funds that aim to outperform

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Clash Of The Protocols

Off-exchange ETF trading is becoming institutionalised. Does it matter?  

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ETF Portfolio Ideas For A Deflationary 2014

ETF choices to offset deflation risks.

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Index Effect Raises New Concerns

The rising popularity of smart beta could cause a drag on benchmark performance.