Spencer Bogart

Spencer Bogart is head of research at Blockchain Capital.

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Learn: Why Invest In Equity?

Stock markets are risky and tumultuous, so why bother?

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Learn: Intro To ETF Selection

There are well over 1000 ETPs listed on the London Stock Exchange, which ones are right for you?  

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Learn: Know What You Own

Understanding financial indices - weighting, replication, exposure  

ETF Alpha Think Tank

Merk: Opportunity In China; Still Bullish On Euro

With volatility on the rise, Merk warns traditional safe-haven currencies won't provide much of a safety net: 'There's no place to hide.'

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Learn: Index Funds vs ETFs

ETFs have been dubbed mutual funds 2.0: Learn about the advantages of each

ETF Alpha Think Tank

Roubini: Emerging Markets Ripe; US Equities Stretched

With emerging market political uncertainty abating and valuations in their favor, emerging markets are set to lead.

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3 Int’l ETFs With Huge Diversification

If you look hard enough, you can find single-country equity ETFs that don’t look and act at all like U.S. stocks.

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Goldcorp CEO Calls ‘Peak Gold,’ Sees Support for Prices

Declining supplies could be supportive of gold prices moving forward.

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Sweden ETF Jumps On QE Hopes

The Swedish Central Bank may go to extraordinary measures to pump up falling prices.