Tom Eckett

Tom Eckett is the editor of ETF Stream, joining as a senior writer in March 2019. He started his career at Investment Week in August 2016 as an asset management correspondent covering ETFs. 

Features and News

Should Investors Consider the UK an Emerging Market?

Spiraling currency, soaring bond yields, a stark warning from the IMF are just a few reasons the U.K. currently seems less like a G7 country.

Bitcoin & Crypto

BlackRock Grows Its Thematic Range With Blockchain ETF Launch

The rollout is a further signal of the asset manager’s interest in the digital assets industry.

Features and News

Europe ETF Market Needn’t Be Concerned By Outflows

There are signs European investors are becoming more tactical with their ETF allocations.

Features and News

Do ETF Creation Baskets Have Hidden Costs?

Disagreement exists on how the relationship between ETF issuer and authorized participant works.

Features and News

Vanguard Expands ESG ETF Range With Double Launch

The funds offer exposure to developed market Europe and North America equities.

Features and News

Demand for ESG ETFs in Europe Remains Strong

Environmental, social and governance ETFs saw $6.4 billion of inflows in Q2.

Features and News

Custom ETF Creation Baskets Incur Hidden Costs

Research shows corporate bond ETFs pay 48 bps a year on average in “hidden costs.”

Features and News

How Jacobi AM Launched Europe’s First Bitcoin ETF

BCOIN will list on Euronext Amsterdam.

Features and News

ETF Investors Reduce Credit Risk As Recession Fears Spike

Investors are looking to increase the credit quality of their fixed income allocations.