Ugo Egbunike Analysis

Regulation Holds Back ETF Liquidity

Laws require creation baskets for funds to be at least $1 million in size, which hurts smaller, less liquid ETFs.

ETF Report

 From Best Ex To Best Price

ETF Report offers a guide to trading ETFs at the creation-unit level, with an emphasis on the importance of understanding how liquidity works. Analysis

The Truth About Market-Structure Issues

Nasdaq’s halt last month should inspire a wake-up call for all exchanges. Analysis

New Rules For ETF Trading An Upgrade

Limit up/limit down is changing things for the better. Analysis

Exchanges May Be Losing Grip On ETFs

How tradable an ETF is may depend on where you trade it. Analysis

ETFs Aren’t The True Market

There’s more to ETF liquidity than meets the eye—and it’s crucial to grasp it all to truly understand ETF trading. Analysis

Keep iNAV; Encourage ETF Transparency

iNAV has its problems, but cool your jets guys. Analysis

Why Low Volatility Is Losing Its Alpha

Recent underperformance of low-volatility funds is tied to their bias toward defensive stocks and lack of financials. Analysis

FINRA’s Wrongheaded Ruling On Backtesting

A FINRA ruling on backtesting for new ETFs serves as a reminder of how not to invest.