AZTD: A Unique Approach to Developed Market Small & Mid Caps


The AZTLAN Global Stock Selection DM SMID ETF (AZTD) offers investors a differentiated approach to accessing this dynamic segment of the global stock market in the global small-mid cap space. AZTD defines its investable universe as the "bell markets," focusing on companies between $500 million and $10 billion in market capitalization.
The investable universe is further refined by region, encompassing three developed market segments: North America, Western Europe, and developed Asia.  Within these regions, nine key sectors are targeted, excluding energy, biopharma/biotech, and real estate. This exclusion allows for a more focused environment for stock selection, a core strength of the AZTD strategy.

Utilizing a proprietary quantitative model, AZTD identifies the 27 best companies within each region-sector combination.  These companies are assessed based on their cash flow generation, return on equity, and other relevant financial metrics.  By analyzing an investable universe of over 3,000 securities, AZTD selects the top stock for each region-sector within the global developed small-mid cap space.

Aztlan Equity Management LLC is a boutique investment management firm specializing in global small and mid cap and stock-picking strategies; RIA CRD Number 286360. We have presence in McLean VA, Monterrey, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Hong Kong.