Active Small Cap ETF Rolls Out

July 20, 2018

Wednesday saw the launch of an actively managed small-cap ETF subadvised by institutional investment manager Opus Capital Management. The Opus Small Cap Value Plus ETF (OSCV) invests primarily in companies falling within the market capitalization range of the Russell 2000 Index.

The fund lists on the NYSE Arca and comes with an expense ratio of 0.79%.

OSCV targets companies that exhibit higher-than-average quality and growth characteristics and lower-than-average valuations. The prospectus describes the ETF’s investment approach as “combining factor-based analysis with rigorous fundamental research.”

Aptus Capital Advisors serves as the advisor to the fund; it is the issuer of the Aptus Behavioral Momentum ETF (BEMO) and the Aptus Fortified Value ETF (FTVA), which have a combined assets under management of roughly $146 million.

The most comparable fund to OSCV would likely be the actively managed AdvisorShares Cornerstone Small Cap ETF (SCAP), which has an expense ratio of 0.90%. Other funds targeting the small-cap U.S. equity space are much cheaper, but they are all index-based. 

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