Bitcoin ETF Filings Re-Emerge

December 15, 2017

With the launch of bitcoin futures, there has been a raft of filings for bitcoin ETFs, some retreads of previously withdrawn documents and others fresh. REX, VanEck and First Trust have all made filings in the last few weeks.

A group of firms had filed for bitcoin ETFs earlier this year, but the SEC asked them to withdraw the filings due to a backlog and the fact that bitcoin futures were not yet trading. Now, after the futures have launched, the moratorium on bitcoin filings has been lifted.

First Trust

First Trust has made its first filings in the bitcoin space, with four proposed funds:

The First Trust filings indicate that the funds will list on the Cboe exchange. Cboe Global Markets is the parent company of However, they did not include tickers or expense ratios.

The Re-Filers

REX was the first firm to resubmit its bitcoin ETF filings, and VanEck quickly followed. Its filing for the VanEck Vectors Bitcoin Strategy ETF outlines plans for an actively managed fund that will invest in bitcoin futures and other bitcoin-related instruments. The filing did not include an expense ratio or ticker, but it did indicate the fund will list on the Nasdaq.

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