ETF Watch: Janus Plans Short-Duration Bond Fund

Actively managed ETF will target a duration within zero to two years of the three-month Libor rate.
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Janus Capital Group has filed for an actively managed fixed-income ETF that will invest in a variety of securities while targeting a low duration. The Janus Short Duration Income ETF aims to achieve returns that are 2-3% higher than the Libor three-month rate while keeping a lid on volatility.

Generally, the fund will target a duration that is within 0-2 years of the Libor three-month rate, the prospectus said.

The fund can invest in a variety of debt securities, including domestic and foreign public and private debt. It can typically invest up to 15% of its portfolio in high-yield debt, up to 20% in nonagency mortagage-backed securities and up to 15% in bank loans, according to the prospectus.

The prospectus also noted that the fund could have higher-than-average turnover.

Janus has eight ETFs currently trading in the U.S., including four index-based niche funds and two growth ETFs targeting the lower end of the market-cap spectrum. The firm’s current roster does not include any actively managed funds.

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