ETF Watch: JP Morgan Plans Active Global Bond Fund

Firm plans another actively managed ETF.
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J.P. Morgan has filed for another actively managed ETF, this one targeting a broad range of fixed-income securities. The JPMorgan Global Bond Opportunities ETF will allocate among different strategies, sectors, currencies and countries based on the analysis of the fund’s manager, the prospectus noted.

The portfolio will not invest more than 60% of its assets in the U.S., and will invest 40% or more of its portfolio in at least three non-U.S. countries. Generally, the fund is expected to invest at least half of its portfolio in securities denominated in U.S. dollars or in securities that have been hedged back to U.S. dollars, the prospectus said. Its portfolio can include both high-yield and investment-grade debt.

The fund will target a maximum duration of eight years.

The ETF looks like it will compete with the $2.6 billion PIMCO Total Return Active ETF (BOND | C) and the $2.4 billion SPDR DoubleLine Total Return Tactical ETF (TOTL | C). J.P. Morgan has, up until now, not launched any actively managed ETFs.

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