ETF Week: Disruptive Tech A Hot Theme

February 08, 2019

It’s been another busy week in ETF-land, with ETF issuers rolling out three new launches tapping into fixed income and tech stocks, as well as four closure announcements. Below is a roundup of these key ETF events during the week ending Feb. 8, 2019.


Legg Mason Lists Short-Term Bond ETF

The Western Asset Short Duration Income ETF (WINC) invests primarily in investment-grade corporate debt denominated in U.S. dollars, according to the prospectus. WINC costs 0.29% in expense ratio, or $29 per $10,000 invested, and is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

AdvisorShares Lists Cloud Computing ETF

The AdvisorShares SabreTooth ETF (BKCH) invests in firms using cloud computing technology to accomplish goals including streamlining data transfers, cost reductions and increased revenue. BKCH costs 0.85% and is listed on the Nasdaq exchange.

ARK Invest Lists Active Fintech ETF

The ARK Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF) is a global technology fund focused on disruptive financial technology innovation. ARKF costs 0.75% and is listed on the NYSE Arca.


Legg Mason announced three ETF closures this week, all of them multifactor equity ETFs. The funds, listed below, will last trade on March 15:

ALPS announced it’s closing the BUZZ U.S. Sentiment Leaders ETF (BUZ), a fund that selects holdings based on social media shatter and investor sentiment about various stocks. BUZ will halt creations on Feb. 28 and see its last day of trading on March 1.

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