iShares Adds 2025 iBonds Muni ETF

iShares adds another ETF to its family of iBonds ETFs, replacing a matured fund.
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Today, BlackRock’s iShares unit rolled out the latest addition to its lineup of iBonds target-maturity bond ETFs. The iShares iBonds Dec 2025 Term Muni Bond ETF (IBMN) joins a family of 21 ETFs covering investment-grade corporate debt and municipal bonds, the portfolios of which mature in specific years.

IBMN comes with an expense ratio of 0.18% and lists on Cboe Global Markets, the parent company of

The last few months of the year typically see a lot of activity in the target-maturity bond ETF space as some funds mature and are replaced by new ETFs targeting maturities generally of several years out. IBMN’s portfolio will mature in 2025. The iShares municipal bond fund family covers the years 2019 through 2025 with its latest addition.

The iBonds family has total assets under management of $6.2 billion, with $1.2 billion of that invested in municipal bond ETFs.

IBMN’s index included roughly 5,000 components as of the end of September, all of them municipal bond issues maturing in 2025.

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