Hot Reads: 301,000 Private Jobs Lost In Dec.

Plus, digging into the Fed's digital dollar study.
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ADP: Private Payrolls Fell By 301K In December (CNBC)

It’s a nasty foreshadowing of omicron’s effect on Thursday’s job numbers.


The Fed’s Wary Embrace Of Digital Dollars (Advisor Perspectives)

The Fed’s caution is understandable, but is it excessive?


Supreme Court Sides With 401(k) Participants (Morningstar)

It’s a victory for employees, but a headache for plan sponsors.


The ESG Contradiction (CFA Institute)

The goals embedded in the initials don’t always align; stakeholders must decide which is the most important.


Unpacking The Speculative Tech, Bitcoin Wreck (CNBC)

A behavioral investing expert weighs in on these sectors’ recent weakness.


When Will We See A Normal Housing Market? (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

It will likely be some time until there is equilibrium between supply and demand.


Is Investing Like Your Neighbor Suboptimal? (Of Dollars & Data)

Actually, it’s a core tenet of index investors worldwide.


What Is Sustainable? (The Belle Curve)

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