Hot Reads: 60/40 Portfolio Had a Bad 8 Months

Hot Reads: 60/40 Portfolio Had a Bad 8 Months

Plus, a look at the failed deal between UBS and Wealthfront.
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The Worst Year Ever (The Irrelevant Investor)
The last time interest rates had this sort of move was in January 2000.


Canceled UBS/Wealthfront Deal Was a Puzzler (ThinkAdvisor)
The two firms were diametrically opposed, so it was not surprising the deal wasn't consummated, says Nexus Strategy's Tim Welsh.


Recession Fears Drive European Investors From ETFs (Financial Times)
Outflows of $7.7 billion in August reflect deepening gloom.


El-Erian: Surging Dollar A Mixed Blessing (Advisor Perspectives)
The greenback is a relative, rather than an absolute, price.


Markets Test Top Pensions' Commitment to ESG (Institutional Investor)
State politics is a threat to efforts on sustainability by U.S. pensions, according to the Think Ahead Institute.


Interest Rates Vs. Inflation (A Wealth of Common Sense)
What's better: high inflation plus high rates, or high inflation plus low rates?


Fed's Long-Sought Neutral Goal Is Elusive, Moving Target (FA Mag)
A shift is underway at the Federal Reserve in how to describe "neutral." For an abstract concept, the stakes are high.


Meb Faber Beats Down Stock Buyback Myths (ThinkAdvisor)
Cambria Investment's CEO says stock buybacks aren't the bogeyman many politicians and economists mistakenly portray them as.


Sector Rotation Based on the Business Cycle Can Work (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Given the rise in inflation, bonds are not the same diversification solution.


How Passive Are Markets, Actually?(Financial Times)
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