Hot Reads: The 60/40 Portfolio’s Latest Demise

June 27, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Is The 60/40 Really Dead This Time? (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Will higher inflation and higher rates crush financial assets?


JPMorgan: Retail Investors Finally Bailing On Stocks (ThinkAdvisor)
Some of the last bulls at the party are finally yielding to the bear market, bailing from stocks at the fastest rate in nearly two years.


Water Investments No Longer Just An Environmental Play (Institutional Investor)
The water industry may be as recession-proof and inflation-proof as it gets.


Will US Avoid Recession In 2022 & 2023? (Financial Advisor)
The International Monetary Fund says the U.S. economy is likely to slow, but will narrowly avoid a recession in those two years as the Fed implements its rate-tightening plan to curb inflation.


Miner Capitulation Means Bitcoin Bottom Is Near (Advisor Perspectives)
To try to salvage plunging profits, bitcoin miners are turning sellers.


Cash As An Inflation Hedge: Revisited (Morningstar)
The advantages of playing it safe.


Playing Defense With Dividends (ETF Edge)
Amid the ongoing series of seesaw trading sessions, more investors are seeking a source of consistency to weather that volatility.


Advisors Rethinking The 4% Rule (FA Mag)
For some, the 4% rule is intrinsically flawed.


Quelling 401(k) Balance Panic In Bear Markets (ThinkAdvisor)
Don't let emotions lead you to make decisions you'll likely regret when the market inevitably improves.

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