Hot Reads: Active Managers Flock To Quant Analytics

July 28, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Active Managers Believe Data Analytics Is Key To The Future (Institutional Investor)
But many struggle with technology and know-how.


What To Watch For In Today’s Fed Meeting (Reuters)
The FOMC faces inflation and the fear of COVID resurging in parts of the U.S.


The Risk Of Buffer & Floor Strategies (Advisor Perspectives)
Framing the equitylike risk of defined outcome ETFs.


Hedge Funds Seek The Amazon Of Crypto (Bloomberg)
Increased regulation could broaden institutional participation in this space.


The Future Of AI & Big Data (CFA Institute)
MIT’s Andrew Lo thinks we’re probably in the second or third inning.


The Antitrust War’s Opening Salvo (Jackson Hole Economics)
Biden is the first president since Harry Truman to take a strong public anti-monopoly stand.


Global Supply Lines Struggle As COVID-19 Surges (Washington Post)
Strains in global shipping is partially driving inflation and could lead to product shortages.

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