Hot Reads: Anti-ARK ETF Creator No Longer Its Manager

Plus, BlackRock’s Fink predicts most crypto firms will shutter after FTX disaster.
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Anti-ARK ETF’s Creator Losing Fund in Break From New Firm (Bloomberg)
Matt Tuttle is no longer manager of SARK after break with AXS.


BlackRock's Fink: Most Crypto Firms Will Fold Post-FTX's Implosion (Financial Advisor)
But the CEO still sees potential in the technology underlying crypto.


Are These Pricey Short-Term, High-Yield Bond Funds Worth It? (Kiplinger)
Some boutique, research-driven bond portfolios battle inflation, the Fed and more.


Wes Gray: 'I Don't See Human Nature Changing' (Morningstar)
Alpha Architect's founder on market efficiency, trend following and investor behavior.


Can These Standout Crypto Sectors Survive the FTX Collapse? (Institutional Investor)
Blockchain tech and Web3 startups were attracting the most venture dollars among emerging tech companies leading up to the crypto exchange's collapse.


Bond Market Bulls $2.8T Better Off After Rebound (Advisor Perspectives)
Investors bet central banks are getting a grip on inflation. How long the party lasts is another matter.


Home Prices Decline Once Again (Kiplinger)
A three-month streak of lower home prices shows the Fed's bid to cool inflation is working.


Why Tech Could Be a Game-Changer Against Inflation, Geopolitics (Institutional Investor)
Are the old forces that subdued inflation still enough?


Retirees Seek Income Amid One-Two Punch of Inflation, Hostile Markets (FA Mag)
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