Hot Reads: 'ARKK' Losing Ground To S&P 500

January 20, 2022

Compiled by Staff


‘ARKK’ Close To Losing Edge Over S&P 500 (Yahoo Finance)

Cathie Wood’s flagship is close to falling to the two-year return of the major index.


Russian Central Bank Proposes Banning Crypto & Crypto Mining (CNBC)
If enacted, the third-largest crypto mining country in the world would join China and India as countries severely limiting the asset class’ use.


Will Higher Mortgage Rates Derail Housing Market? (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

Mortgage rates are still low by historical standards but if these rates continue to rise, that could put some pressure on homebuyers.


Rough Start For Global Equities In 2022, With Some Exceptions (Capital Spectator)

Stock markets around the world have generally tumbled so far this year, but shares in Latin America and Africa are notable exceptions.


The Risk Reduction Conundrum (Validea)

A common question about the current market environment is simple. The answer is far from it.


Should Commodities Be In Your Portfolio? (Morningstar)

They can be a good hedge when inflation spikes, but trying to time inflation episodes is a fool’s errand.


Does 2023 Spell Trouble? (The Street)

The Fed will almost certainly raise interest rates and end asset purchases, but that could usher in a bear market 12 months from now.

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