Hot Reads: Best Performing ETFs Luring in Pittances in 2023

Hot Reads: Best Performing ETFs Luring in Pittances in 2023

Plus, mutual funds are being dumped for stocks, as well as ETFs.

Reviewed by: Lisa Barr
Edited by: Ron Day

Best-Performing ETFs in 2023 Have Only Lured in $12M (Bloomberg) 

Crypto-linked funds buck adage: Flows follow performance. 


Investors Dump Mutual Funds for Equities Too, Not Only ETFs (Financial Times) 

Study on discretionary U.S. investing shows trend toward individual stocks in portfolios. 


Why the Stock Market Will Struggle to Rally Until Debt Ceiling Resolved (MarketWatch) 

Plus, are bank woes in the rearview mirror? 


Is Crypto Braced for a ‘Stampede’? (Forbes) 

Legendary investor issues $200 trillion warning after wild digital asset price swings. 


Stock Traders Stay Calm About US Being on Cusp of Default (Bloomberg) 

Credit default swaps spiking as the VIX remains unchanged. 


Would Housing Market Correction Gain New Life If US Defaults? (Fortune) 

If mortgage rates spike, housing affordability could deteriorate to a level exceeding the bubble. 


Market Optimism Warranted as Tightening Cycle Nears End (Advisor Perspectives) 

But tighter lending standards still pose risk. 


Active Managers Who Invest Their Own Money Passively (The Evidence Based Investor) 

Interviews with active fund managers and equity analysts morphed into something very different.  


The Best-Performing Asset Type During a Recession (Morningstar) 

While bonds disappointed as diversifiers in 2022, they’ve performed well during downturns. 


Retirement Savings Shortfall to Cost $1.3T (Financial Advisor) 

Inadequate retirement savings will result in higher public assistance costs, Pew Charitable says. 


Why Interest Rates Will Come Down (Jackson Hole Economics) 

“Recency bias” skews forecasts, making them less likely to be accurate. 

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