Hot Reads: Bill's Crypto Amendment Defeated

August 10, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Crypto Compromise Amendment Blocked In Senate Infrastructure Vote (CNBC)
The Senate is due to vote on the package this morning.


UN Climate Report Increases Urgency For Green Investment Funds (Reuters)
But calls for more ESG investing will likely fan the debate over how to measure environmental benefits.


ESG Ratings: Navigating Through The Haze (CFA Institute)
How to untangle a web of different standards and disclosures when coming up with a rating.


High Beta Stocks Leading Factor In 2021 (Capital Spectator)
It’s the leading factor in a basket of ETFs compared to the S&P 500.


REITs Are Back In Vogue As Real Estate Market Makes A Comeback (Wall Street Journal)
Thirty-five REIT ETFs currently hold $87 billion in assets.


Wall Street Earnings Estimates Back To Prepandemic Levels (Axios)
As if there wasn’t enough confidence in the stock market already.


Podcast: Investing In Dual Impact ETFs (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
A discussion on health and ESG investing.


Even In Crisis, Most Cryptos Have Diversification Benefits (Institutional Investor)
They can be beneficial to hold during times of economic uncertainty, research suggests.


Momentum On Cusp Of Breakout, Oppenheimer Says (CNBC)
The equity factor may be due for some outperformance after a disappointing 2021 so far.

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