Hot Reads: A Bitcoin ETF Mystery

June 23, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Mystery Surrounds $500M Bitcoin ETF Outflow (FA Magazine)
North America's first bitcoin ETF is at the center of a cryptomarket guessing game after seeing record one-day outflows last week.


Investors Have Access To More Actively Managed ETFs (CNBC)
Here's how they may help during market volatility.


Powell: Recession Is A 'Possibility' (Yahoo Finance)
Testifying before the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday, the Fed chair also said a soft landing would be "very challenging" to achieve.


S&P 500 Hasn't Had Such A Bad 1st Half Since Nixon Era (ThinkAdvisor)
The index is down 21% since the start of the year amid expectations inflation and a hawkish Fed will tip the economy into recession.


World's Bubbliest Housing Markets Flashing Warning Signs (FA Magazine)
Once-hot residential real estate markets have suddenly turned cold.


Biden Proposes Gas Tax Holiday (Kiplinger)
State gas tax holidays could reduce the price even further.


Passive Investors, Active Owners? (The Evidence-Based Investor)
Fintech firms are helping investors who want to be both.


6 Things That Could Go Right (Validea)
Spoiler alert: Inflation could ease and rates could stabilize.


The Best Equity ETFs (Morningstar)
These stock-focused exchange-traded funds all earn Morningstar Gold ratings.

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