Hot Reads: Bitcoin ETFs Cause Grayscale Trust Discount

November 29, 2021

Compiled by Staff 


$32B Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Feels Heat From Cheaper ETFs (Financial Times)
GBTC trades at a 15% discount to the value of its underlying assets.


The Inflation Conundrum (Jackson Hole Economics)
Unlike in many previous global inflationary episodes, what is remarkable this time is how different the cross-country experiences have been.


This Will Not Last (Of Dollars & Data)
On overvalued markets and how to invest in them.


Growing Accustomed To Fear (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Some thoughts on a pandemic that won’t quit.


Active Share Has Been A Big Disappointment (The Evidence-Based Investor)
The higher the active share, the higher the fund’s expense ratio and risk, and the lower its tax efficiency.


Should We Never Invest In Individual Stocks? (Alpha Architect)
A paper by Henrik Bessembinder found that nearly all publicly traded stocks in the U.S.—if held as buy-and-hold investments—underperform Treasury bills.

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