Hot Reads: Bitcoin Fund To Become ETF

Plus, active management saw a resurgence in the first quarter.

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Grayscale Committed To Converting ‘GBTC’ To ETF (Coindesk)
In a blog post, the world's largest digital asset manager confirmed its intent to offer an ETF.


Active Managers Succeed In Q1 (FA Magazine)
Active mutual fund managers are having the run of a lifetime in 2021’s can’t-miss stock market.


The Growth/Value Cycle (A Wealth of Common Sense)
Value and growth have taken turns outperforming and underperforming depending on the cycle.


Demise Of The Dollar? (The Big Picture)
Not so much.


How Retail Traders Impacted The Stock Market (The Irrelevant Investor)
Retail trading now accounts for almost as much volume as mutual funds and hedge funds combined.


Factor Olympics Q1 2021 (FactorResearch)
Value and size are making a comeback.


Kick The Can (Humble Dollar)
The pension crisis is apolitical, impacting blue and red states with equal fiscal ferocity—and it isn’t going away.


8 Great Misconceptions About Bonds (Advisor Perspectives)
A primer for bonds at a time when they are not behaving normally.


Could Fed Be Forced To Raise Rates Unexpectedly? (Capital Spectator)
The question is whether inflation will remain sufficiently tame to permit the Fed to slowly take away the monetary punch bowl.