Hot Reads: Bitcoin The Most Crowded Trade?

May 19, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Fund Managers Say ‘Long Bitcoin’ Most Crowded Trade (FA Magazine)
A Bank of America fund manager survey found 27% of participants considered it the most crowded trade in the world.


ARK, 2020’s Hottest Fund Manager, Enters A Deep Freeze (CBS News)
The firm’s funds went from being highfliers in 2020 to some of the worst performers this year.


Is The Case For Indexing At Its Strongest? (ETF Edge)
Author of “Winning the Loser’s Game” says there’s never been a better time for passive investing.


Hopes For US Crypto ETF Fade (Financial Times)
A recent SEC warning has dimmed hopes for a bitcoin ETF anytime soon.


Homebuilder ETF May Offer An Opportunity (CNBC)
One analyst notes that “ITB” just had an “outside week.”


Inflation Doesn’t Have To Crash The Stock Market (Irrelevant Investor)
Why inflation is a wild card.


Should You Ever Invest In A Leveraged Fund? (Of Dollars & Data)
It depends on your time horizon and how lucky you feel.


Is The Retirement-Income Party Over? (Morningstar)
Today’s retirees will have difficulty continuing a long and happy trend.


Invest Internationally, Or Not? (CFA Institute)
Lean toward investing in all of the world all of the time.


Semiconductor Inflation Hysteria? (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Follow prices, not the news.


World Economy Suddenly Running Low On Everything (Advisor Perspectives)
Early in the pandemic, consumers were buying up everything. Now, companies are.


Managed Futures: Fast & Furious Vs. Slow & Steady (FactorResearch)
Short-term trend followers are often seen as offering better stock market crash protection characteristics.


Beware The Surge In Economic Noise (Capital Spectator)
This month the government has published five key economic reports, and each one has delivered sharply divergent results relative to the consensus forecasts.

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