Hot Reads: Bitcoin Plunges More Than 10%

Also, a visual look at how every asset class, sector and currency performed in 2020.
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Bitcoin Falls Over 10% As Rally Loses Steam (CNBC)
The cryptocurrency had a historic rally in 2020, advancing more than 300%.


How Every Asset Class, Currency & Sector Performed In 2020 (Visual Capitalist)
A breakdown of performance in a tumultuous year. 


What To Look For In A Dividend ETF (Morningstar)
Dividend durability, dividend growth, and a low fee are trademarks of solid dividend exchange-traded funds.


Five Safe(r) Places To Invest Client Assets (WM)
Low-risk options for those willing to settle for low reward.


Reappraising Dollar Cost Averaging (CFA Institute)
Another look at the logic behind DCA.


Drawdowns & Melt-Ups: The Year That Was In Markets (A Wealth Of Common Sense) 
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