Hot Reads: BlackRock Survey Predicts Rapid ETF Growth in Europe

Hot Reads: BlackRock Survey Predicts Rapid ETF Growth in Europe

Plus, SEC’s Gensler says crypto is ‘non-compliant.’

Reviewed by: Lisa Barr
Edited by: Ron Day

BlackRock Spies Rapid Growth in European Retail ETF Market (Financial Times) 

Investors between 18 and 34 may become top fund holders, survey predicts.  


Gensler: Crypto Is ‘Non-Compliant’ by Design (Kitco) 

The SEC Chair also said in a keynote on Monday that AI will cause “the crisis of 2027 or 2032.” 


‘SPY’ Breaks Bullishly After Biden’s Debt Ceiling Remarks (Benzinga) 

The ETF’s rebound indicates its uptrend is intact. 


Fed Officials Reveal Debate About Pausing Rate Hike in June (Financial Advisor) 

Investors bet policymakers will instead choose to assess the impact of its prior increases. 


Alphabet Adds $115B in Value After Defying AI Doubters (Advisor Perspectives) 

Since the company unveiled its latest AI tools last week, its stock has advanced 12%. 


Blockchain ETF Issuers With ‘Crypto Street Cred’ May Come Out on Top (Blockworks) 

Yet blockchain-focused ETFs from some of the largest fund groups have few assets to show for it. 


Playing Market Defense With High Quality ETFs (CNBC) 

Trying to quantify “quality.” 


Why ETFs and Index Funds Are Good for Retirees (Morningstar) 

Low costs and tax efficiency are pluses, but so are ease of oversight and cash flow extraction. 


Short Sellers Up Regional Bank Bets Even as Lender Concerns Ease (Bloomberg) 

Bets against regional banks continue to mount. 

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