Hot Reads: Blue Wave Boosts Clean Energy ETFs

Hot Reads: Blue Wave Boosts Clean Energy ETFs

Plus, a look at what rising rates could mean for stocks.
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Blue Wave Unleashes $1B Of Demand For Clean Energy ETFs (Bloomberg)
ICLN,” “TAN” see record cash, call volume after Democratic sweep.


What Rising Rates Could Mean For The Markets (CNBC)
The FANG stocks and other high-growth stocks are most susceptible to rising yields.


Reoptimizing 60/40 Portfolios In a Low-Yield Era (The Big Picture)
A traditional “60/40” mix of stocks and bonds has morphed into something closer to an “80/20” portfolio.


Just Take The Money (Of Dollars & Data) 
It's safer to take money off the table or to diversify as your portfolio grows than maintain a highly concentrated investment.


3 ESG Themes To Watch (Parametric Portfolio)
Why topics that came to the fore in 2020 will likely animate ESG investors in 2021.


Watch Int’l Equity & Active ETFs (Advisor Perspectives)
ETF industry trends seen taking shape in 2021.


7 Relevant ESG Policy Questions (CFA Institute)
Addressing questions to help investors decide the ESG policy position that’s right for them.


How China Won Trump's Trade War (FP)
The deficit with China has actually increased. 


Does Rebalancing Help Investors In Withdrawal Phase? (Advisor Perspectives) 
It may not matter as much as you'd think.


Trend Following & Volatility Scaling (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
The two practices in combination can result in a healthier portfolio. is the single source for ETF intelligence. We provide real-time ETF news and analysis to educate investors and drive financial knowledge in the space. Our personalized and accurate information, alongside industry-leading financial tools, are depended upon to develop winning investment and financial decisions. At, we strive to serve both the individual investor as well as the professional financial advisor to educate and grow the ETF community.