Hot Reads: Canadian BTC, ETH ETF Debuts

Plus, the Senate agrees to a deal to avoid a government shutdown.
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Dual Bitcoin, Ethereum ETF Launches In Canada (Yahoo Finance)

The Evolve Cryptocurrencies ETF (ETC) is now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Senate Reaches Deal To Avoid Shutdown (CNBC)

The agreement doesn’t include an increase to the debt limit, keeping a federal default in play.


3 Vanguard ETFs To Buy When The Market Crashes (The Motley Fool)

Nobody knows whether the market will crash. But if it does, the author is stocking up on these investments.


Senate Bill On ETF Tax Breaks Is ‘Bad Policy’ (CNBC)

ICI President and CEO Eric Pan says Sen. Wyden’s bill would punish investors.


Currency Trading Making A Comeback? (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)

The differences across countries say yes.


Small Cap Stocks Have Only Done This Once In 40 Years (Sentimentrader)

The Russell 2000 hasn’t notched a new 52-week high or fallen by more than 10% in six months.


More Family Offices Eyeing Crypto (Institutional Investor)

Rising inflation and low interest rates have family office investors seeking digital asset opportunities.


3 Ways Investors Can Weather A Flows-Based Market (Validea)

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