Hot Reads: The Case Of Thematic ETFs

Hot Reads: The Case Of Thematic ETFs

Also, blockchain ETFs come into their own.
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The Case Of Thematic ETFs (Abnormal Returns)
When the hype fades ...


Blockchain ETFs Come Into Their Own (Seeking Alpha)
Blockchain ETFs have matured, and investor opinions have evolved.


SPACs: Not So SPACtacular (WM)
Blank check companies are a great deal—for their sponsors. For investors? The results so far have been abysmal.


Are You Saving Enough For Retirement? (A Teachable Moment)
The solution is simple, but not easy.


What Is Risk? (Validea)
The perfect definition of risk doesn't exist.


ESG In A Bubble Or Representing The Future? (Institutional Investor)
Some think all funds will incorporate ESG criteria within five years.


Hedge Funds Live To Fight Another Day After Reddit Mayhem (Advisor Perspectives)
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