Hot Reads: Clean Energy ETFs A Long Game

May 12, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Clean Energy A Long Term Bet (CNBC)
The recent decline in key clean energy ETFs is perfectly natural, says Invesco’s head of ETFs.


Bitcoin ETF Odds Longer After Gensler Critique (FA Magazine)
Wall Street’s top cop all but doused bitcoin ETF expectations with a string of comments last week.

Clock Ticking On Bitcoin Fidelity ETF (ThinkAdvisor)
Cboe has filed with the SEC to list Fidelity's Bitcoin ETF, which the agency has 45 to 240 days to review.


SPACs & Changing Optimism (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
A possible sign of changing sentiment.


Reflation, Inflation, Deflation (Advisor Perspectives)
Stocks really can live with everything.


Key To Energy Crisis Lies In A Ron White Joke (Institutional Investor)
The grid is old, boring, and the biggest untapped investment since David Swensen championed alts.


Visualizing The Recent Explosion In Lumber Prices (Visual Capitalist)
Over the last year, the price of lumber increased 377%.


Energy Continues To Thrash Tech In 2021 (The Capital Spectator)
XLE’ is up 39% relative to a rise of 4% for ‘XLK’.


3 ETFs That Show Flight To Safety Has Started (Benzinga)
There may be some troubling signs that the rally may soon end.


4 Investing Lessons From David Swensen (Of Dollars & Data)
Yale CIO’s body of work exceeds institutional investing; individuals can use his ideas as well.


Thematic Funds Are Good Stories (Evidence-Based Investor)
But are they poor investments?


Which Of These 9 Funds Will Win Bitcoin ETF Race? (ThinkAdvisor)
Do more submitted bitcoin ETFs increase the odds that the SEC will approve at least one?


Best Way To Approach Withdrawal Rates? (Morningstar)
Consider your flexibility.

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