Hot Reads: Dimensional ETF Conversion Ends

June 15, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Dimensional Converts $29B Of Mutual Funds Into ETFs (Bloomberg)
The move puts the quant giant on cusp of joining 10 biggest U.S. issuers.


Russell Rebalancing Brings Meme Stocks Into Mainstream (MSN)
The reshuffling opens the door to the slew of meme stocks that Reddit traders have driven skyward. 


US $2T Infrastructure Boom May Boost ESG Stocks (Yahoo Finance)
2021 and 2022 could have investors reaping the rewards of Biden’s ultimate “green presidency.”


A Deep Dive Into Factor Investing (Validea)
Plus, the future potential of China and how to apply factor investing there.


Can Hedge Funds Successfully Time Factors? (Alpha Architect)
A research paper says that they can, but the managers need to know what they’re doing.


Digital Dollar May Push More Investors Into Bitcoin (ETF Edge)
Two crypto fund managers say a digital dollar won’t doom bitcoin.


How Tracking Error Keeps An Investment Strategy On Course (Parametric Portfolio)
It’s a useful tool for quantifying the potential risk factor investors take on in seeking benchmark-beating returns.


The Time Is Right For Aftertax 401(k) Contributions (Morningstar)
The prospect of higher taxes and the uptake of in-plan conversions make this maneuver a no-brainer for heavy savers who have access to it.


BOJ Must Weigh Exit From ETF Holdings (Reuters)
However, that exit likely won’t come until 2024 or 2025.


Real Assets ‘Myths’ Investors Should Reconsider (Institutional Investor)
Challenging common investor assumptions about real assets.

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