Hot Reads: Dividend ETFs Maintain Their Allure

Dividend stocks’ outperformance trend is likely to continue.

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3 Dividend ETF Picks for August 2022 (The Street)

With the U.S. economy likely in recession and China threatening to invade Taiwan, now is not the time to be risking up.


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The difference between a healthy correction and a bubble waiting to be popped in the housing market.


Digital Asset and Retirement Funds (CFA Institute)

What does pension funds exploring allocation to crypto mean for the future of trust in the financial services industry?


What Is the Right Risk Measure for Long-Term Investors? (FactSet)

How multihorizon analysis can play a crucial role in managing risk for long-term investors.


Corporate Bond Market Didn't Get the Recession Memo (Advisor Perspectives)

The latest signs of life from corporate bond issuers sure don’t signal a market that’s in a recession.


Oil Falls Below $90 for First Time Since War (Financial Advisor)

Shift is due to weaker U.S. gasoline demand and recessionary fears.