Hot Reads: Don’t Give Up on Value ETFs

September 15, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Can Value ETFs Keep Their Market Leadership? (FA Magazine)
The outperformance of value stocks over growth started roughly two years ago.


CPI Report Looks Bad, But Don't Panic (Morningstar)
Even as inflation gradually turns lower, wide swings in the markets are likely when the news disappoints.


Were Those Great Returns From Skill ... or Luck? (Institutional Investor)
Essentia Analytics just released research on its findings around 76 portfolio managers.


Should I Invest in Bitcoin or Other Crypto? (Kiplinger)
How the underlying blockchain is poised to disrupt more than just how we think about currency.


Investors Expected a Rebound From Tuesday's S&P 500 Plunge (The Street)
Following 4% down days in the index, stocks rebounded the next day just over half the time.


Tactical Investment Strategies That Bolster Performance (Morningstar)
These ETFs can harness momentum and add value to your portfolio.


Register or Regulate? (CNBC)
Cryptocurrency at a crossroad.


Only 4 Inflation-Hedged ETFs Delivered After Hot CPI Surprise (FA Magazine)
That only 4 of 25 such products lived up to their name underscores the difficulty in trying to buffer against sky-high pricing pressures.


5 ETF Winners on Stocks' Worst Day Since 2020 (Zacks)
A few alternative ETFs that gained handsomely on Sept. 13.

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