Hot Reads: ETF Driving Up Uranium Futures

Grayscale’s CEO says the SEC shouldn’t prioritize futures-based bitcoin ETFs first.
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ETF Driving Uranium Market Haywire (MarketWatch)

The Toronto-listed Sprott Physical Uranium Trust is buying uranium to store it.


Grayscale CEO Calls SEC Regulator Comments ‘Shortsighted’ (CNBC)

Michael Sonnenshein thinks it could hurt investors to approve a futures-based bitcoin ETF before a physical ETF.


SEC Threatens Lawsuit Over Coinbase Outage (Reuters)

Regulators are trying to stop the exchange from launching a program allowing users to lend cryptocurrencies for interest.


BlackRock Sticks By China Investment Calls (CNBC)

The asset manager giant rejected George Soros’ claim that it didn’t understand Xi Jinping’s approach.


Chinese Companies Attempting Up To $1B In US Listings (Nikkei)

Several firms are seeking to list on American exchanges despite heightened scrutiny from D.C. and Beijing.


How Blockchain Can Change The World (Irrelevant Investor)

You might never pay for something with bitcoin, but that doesn’t mean it’s a digital tulip.


There’s Gold In Green (Evidence-Based Investor)

Focus on ESG issues is fundamentally reshaping the finance industry.


Obscure Cryptos Outrunning Bitcoin (Financial Advisor)

Regarding cryptocurrency investment performance, you can do better than King Bitcoin.


6 Things Learned In Business School That Are No Longer True (Advisor Perspectives)

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