Hot Reads: GBTC Reaches Record Discount

December 22, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Crypto Sell-Off Drags GBTC To Record Discount (Yahoo Finance)

The fund, which aims to convert to an ETF, was 21% off the value of its underlying as of last Friday.


ARK’s Wood Revises 40% Return Projection (FA Magazine)

Cathie Wood clarified some statements made in a recent market commentary piece, but is still more bullish than most.


Omicron, Inflation Cloud 2022 US Profit Picture (Reuters)

Twin threats head into next year.


High Quality Tech Stocks No Safe Haven (Institutional Investor)

Richard Bernstein Advisors argues that investors can’t hide from a downturn by moving into more protected stocks or sectors.


Green & Renewable Energy: Not So Fast? (CFA Institute)

Our carbon-neutral future may be a long way off.


Why The US Stock Market Has (Recently) Been Exceptional (Morningstar)

Credit the technology sector.

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