Hot Reads: Global ETF Assets Above $9T

August 13, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Global ETF Assets Break $9T Level (Financial News)
Investors poured $705 billion into exchange-traded funds through the first seven months of the year.


US Inflation Is Normalizing (The Overshoot)
The rate of overall inflation has slowed, but wages for some workers are still rising fast.


5 Top Market Predictions From Cathie Woods (ThinkAdvisor)
One is that the growth versus value struggle will continue.


NY Pension Fund To Review Fossil Fuel Holdings (Reuters)
The third-largest public pension fund may pull $640 million in oil and gas firms. 


Robinhood Not About Market Democratization (Bloomberg)
Retail trading of meme stocks is a massive wealth transfer from the unsophisticated to the sophisticated.


Will Fed Tapering Be Different This Time? (Advisor Perspectives)
What happens when the Fed transitions from just talking about tapering its bond holdings to actually tapering?


The Path Of NFTs (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
The story of nonfungible tokens: scarcity and community.


Good Investment Advice Can Come In Quips (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Example: Certain years and cycles favor trading over investing; in others, it’s the photographic negative.


How Millennial Investors Lost Millions On A SPAC (Institutional Investor)
Bill Ackman’s SPAC got a lot of hype but was torpedoed by the SEC.

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