Hot Reads: Global ETF Inflows At $834B YTD

September 13, 2021

Compiled by Staff


ETF Inflows Shoot Past 2020’s Full-Year Record Total (Financial Times)
Worldwide net investor inflows reach $834.2 billion at the end of August.


Analyst Warns Index Funds Are ‘Tail Wagging Dog’ (FA Magazine)
StoneX Financial’s Vince Deluard says indexing is distorting the market but investors must embrace it.


Equal Weighting Vs. Cap Weighting In Market Crashes (FactorResearch)
Both generated similar drawdowns during stock market crashes on average.


Asset Managers Are Doing Great (Institutional Investor)
Publicly traded asset managers have hit new highs for revenue and assets under management, according to Casey Quirk.


Most Markets Retreated Last Week (Capital Spectator)
TIPS were up slightly, but otherwise losses dominated, with the worst in real estate.


Is The Value Premium Smaller Than We Thought? (Alpha Architect)
There isn’t really evidence the value premium is dead, and the poor performance in recent years is likely explainable.


Why You Shouldn’t Focus Too Much On Themes (The Evidence-Based Investor)
They’re kind of like CDs, which disrupted the music world until they became obsolete.

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