Hot Reads: Grayscale ‘Spot’ Bitcoin ETF Filing Probes Loophole

Hot Reads: Grayscale ‘Spot’ Bitcoin ETF Filing Probes Loophole

Plus, preparing your portfolio for a U.S. government default.

Reviewed by: Lisa Barr
Edited by: Ron Day

Grayscale Aims for Possible Loophole With New Bitcoin ETF Filing (Financial Times) 

The U.S.-listed vehicle would invest in “spot” bitcoin ETF products trading in other countries. 


Prepare Your Portfolio for a US Government Default? (A Wealth of Common Sense) 

How worries about a government default could impact stocks and bonds. 


VanEck CEO: Spot Bitcoin ETF Unlikely in Near Future (Bloomberg) 

“Even if the SEC loses the Grayscale litigation, they’ll just drag their feet,” said Jan van Eck. 


Where BlackRock Sees Top Thematic ETF Investing Opportunity as Tech Soars (MarketWatch) 

“We’ve just seen an incredible acceleration of electric vehicle adoption,” said Jay Jacobs. 


Debt Ceiling Tail Hedges Are ‘Cheap Lottery Tickets’: BofA (Advisor Perspectives) 

Indifference to a debt ceiling impasse has left some tail-risk strategies almost too cheap to ignore. 


If You Love JEPI, Check Out JEPQ (The Street) 

JEPI’s sibling ETF is based on the Nasdaq-100 and currently offers a 14% dividend yield. 


How to Sequence Withdrawals in Retirement (Morningstar) 

Strategies to help retirees smooth out their tax bills in the drawdown phase. 

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