Hot Reads: Gridlock May Not Be a Benefit Now

And it’s not clear that hiking rates is going to rein in inflation this time.
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El-Erian: Political Gridlock 'Not Good News' for Today's Markets (ThinkAdvisor)
Apart from the election, the economist suggests the market hasn't yet taken liquidity risk into account.


Can the Fed Tame Inflation or Is It Different This Time? (The Capital Spectator)
It’s not clear that raising rates will fix the problem in the current economic environment.


Stocks Plummet After Midterms, Inflation Data Looms (Yahoo Finance)
Stocks ended Wednesday at lows of the day as investors digested surprising midterm elections results and await the next inflation reading.


Musk Sells Another Batch of Tesla Shares Despite Vow to Stop (Advisor Perspectives)
The billionaire unloaded another batch of Tesla shares to help fund his buyout of Twitter.


Stocks Rally Into Gridlock (The Reformed Broker)
Plus, once-high-flying COVID stocks have lost 90% of their market caps.


Crypto Crash, Recession Fears Push Investors to Gold (Benzinga)
A look at the commodity and a 2x leveraged ETF (NUGT).


Peak Inflation May Hint at Peak Rates in Emerging Markets (Advisor Perspectives)
Emerging market inflation appears to be abating, with policy rates approaching previous cycle highs.


No Soft Landing (A Wealth of Common Sense)
Plus, why there's no such thing as a normal market.


October CPI Report May Jolt Markets (Markets Insider)
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