Hot Reads: Hedge Fund Devastated By GameStop

Plus, a look at dividend ETFs for retirees and more on the GameStop drama.
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Melvin Capital Loses More Than 50% In January (CNBC)
Hedge fund Melvin Capital Management lost 53% in January amid a record rally in GameStop, which the fund was betting against.


3 Dividend ETFs For Retired Investors (Motley Fool)
Retirees should take a look at VYM, NOBL and IDV.


Robinhood’s Meteoric Rise Feels Pull of Wall Street Physics (Yahoo)
The startup, which set out “to democratize finance for all,” is now in the position of telling clients they can’t buy whatever they want.


The Biggest GameStop Overreactions (A Wealth Of Common Sense) 
There's a lot of extreme assumptions being made about the controversy.


When They Start to Lose, They Change the Rules! (Of Dollars & Data)
Robinhood is taking heat for its inconsistent policies and statements.


Low Rates Don't Justify High Valuations (CFA Institute)
Interest rates exert a big influence on company valuations.


Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF: Safe And Sound (Seeking Alpha)
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