Hot Reads: Low Vol ETFs Holding Up

Plus, will more economists forecast a recession?
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Low Volatility ETFs Doing Their Job In 2022 (Morningstar)

While markets have fallen across the board in 2022, low volatlity funds have generally held up better than their counterparts.


When Will More Economists Forecast Recession? (Jackson Hole Economics)

Since historically economists haven't been very good at forecasting recessions, might they be wrong now?


Bill Ackman: Fed Needs To Be More Aggressive (Institutional Investor)

Pershing Square Capital's CEO cites the specter of stagflation.


10 Things To Know About 401(k)s (Kiplinger)

Beware of the fees plan providers charge for these retirement savings plans.


More Evidence Alpha Generation Is Shrinking (The Evidence Based Investor)

The persistence of poor performance isn't due to poor stock selection; it's due to high expenses.


The Inflation/Equity Valuation Trade-Off Is Not Attractive (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)

Valuation is closely tied to inflation, but it is not a linear relationship.


BNY Mellon Fined $1.5M For Misleading ESG Claims (FAMag)

The SEC said BNY Mellon misled investors and omitted significant information about its ESG screens for its Overlay funds. is the single source for ETF intelligence. We provide real-time ETF news and analysis to educate investors and drive financial knowledge in the space. Our personalized and accurate information, alongside industry-leading financial tools, are depended upon to develop winning investment and financial decisions. At, we strive to serve both the individual investor as well as the professional financial advisor to educate and grow the ETF community.