Hot Reads: The Lure of Dividend ETFs

August 03, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Stocks, Bonds Lock in July Gains, But ETF Investors Play It Safe (Morningstar)

Investors keyed in on U.S. Treasury and dividend ETFs as markets rebounded in July.


How to Invest for a Recession (Kiplinger)

Dividends are especially important in a recession because they provide a cushion even if the stock price falls.


Cheapest ETFs Make Bear Markets a Bit Less Painful (FactSet)

For all the market chaos of the first half of 2022, one trend remained intact: the drive toward ever-lower ETF costs.


Tech ETFs Ranked for 2022 (The Street)

There's been no area of this sector that hasn't taken a hit, but dividend stocks have done best.


Understanding the Impact of Direct Indexing (Research Affiliates) 

Helping frame investors’ expectations about the impacts of direct indexing on their portfolios. 


Siegel: Time for Fed to Slow Rate Hikes (ThinkAdvisor)

The Wharton economist says the Fed should look at forward-looking data, as CPI is backward-looking and understates housing prices.


The Price of Admission (A Wealth of Common Sense)

A closer look at the wild price swings in the stock market this year.

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