Hot Reads: The March Inflation Report

April 12, 2022

Compiled by Staff


The March CPI Report (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics)

Headline inflation rose to 8.5% year-over-year, slightly hotter than expected, but stock futures rallied as core CPI rose only 0.3% versus the expected 0.5%.


What $100 Per Barrel Oil Means For Recession Risk (Yahoo Finance)

Most experts agree oil would have to stay closer to $130 to create enough demand destruction to spur a U.S. recession.


ETF Battles: ‘DEMZ’ Vs ‘MAGA’ (The Street)

Which politically screened ETF wins?


Musk Won’t Join Twitter’s Board After All (US News)

The Tesla billionaire reverses course less than a week after being awarded a seat.


ESG ETFs Experiencing ‘Greeniums’ (CNBC)

Good ESG stocks have seen a huge jump in cash inflows and higher valuations, resulting in short-term green premiums, says Larry Swedroe.


5 Best Bond ETFs For 2022 (Kiplinger)

The fixed income market has struggled lately, but investors with longer-term views could consider these ETFs to balance their portfolios.


The Best ETFs To Own When Inflation Is High (Seeking Alpha)

Which ETF categories should investors consider to avoid the generally poor returns that inflation may bring?


Don’t Fall For This Real Estate Myth (Institutional Investor)

REITs have gotten a bad rap in rising rate environments, but historical data tells a different story.


When Tax Free Isn’t Always Tax Efficient (Parametric Portfolio)

Why tax-free muni bonds might not offer fixed income investors the highest after-tax returns.

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