Hot Reads: Measuring ESG Fund Performance

July 23, 2021

Compiled by Staff


A Better Way To Measure ESG Fund Performance (Institutional Investor)
For optimal returns, researchers say ESG fund managers should scrap traditional benchmarks like the S&P 500 in favor of ESG indexes.


Sector ETFs Confirm Bull Market (FA Magazine)
Beneath the strong uptrend is broad participation by all S&P 500 Index industry sectors.


'Peak Recovery' & Business Calculus (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Hitting peak recovery is the inflection point between early recovery to the normalcy of midcycle growth.


The Real Reason Oil Isn’t At $80 (Yahoo Finance)
Higher prices at the pump curb domestic spending in the U.S., and that worries White House officials.


Fund Managers Struggle To Adhere To New ESG Guideposts (FA Magazine)
Much of the confusion revolves around defining the “S” in ESG.


How An Investor Helped Netflix Disclose Its ESG Performance (Morningstar)
New restrictions on shareholder resolutions make such efforts harder to replicate.


More US-Listed China Stocks Fall Amid Crackdown (CNBC)
Beijing is stepping up scrutiny in companies listing overseas; this time in education.


4 Emerging Trends In Fixed Income Investing (ThinkAdvisor)
New survey shows respondents plan to increase their use of ETFs, indexing and ESG strategies.


Here's How Crypto Investors Differ from Stock Market Investors (MarketWatch)
They're more diverse and less reliant on professional guidance.

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