Hot Reads: Natural Selection Favors Index Funds

Also, your father’s stock market is never coming back.
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Natural Selection Favors Index Funds (A Teachable Moment)
Financial tortoises smoke hyper-trading investor hares.


Your Father's Stock Market Is Never Coming Back (Fortune)
The stock market was always a popularity contest. Now it’s a three-ring circus. 


Advisors’ Crypto Asset Interest Rising (ThinkAdvisor)
New survey shows nearly half of advisors say their clients are asking about crypto assets.


The Biggest Risk (The Irrelevant Investor)
Hint: It’s neither inflation nor rising interest rates.


No Easy Answer To Passive Investing Concentration Problem (Institutional Investor)
Equal-weighting indexes may help, but that approach brings “unintended consequences.”


Tax-Smart Muni Portfolio Management (CFA Institute)
Tax-smart portfolio valuation signals opportunities to improve after-tax performance.


What Millennial Investors Want (Morningstar)
Delving into the trading frenzy in individual stocks and cryptocurrencies.


What Consumer Data Says About Emerging Market Opportunities (Institutional Investor)
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