Hot Reads: The Next Big ETF Themes

July 29, 2021

Compiled by Staff


2021’s Next Big Themes (CNBC)
Look for a big shift to hydrogen from lithium batteries as well as digital online trading bases.


Fed Says Economic Recovery Remains On Track Despite COVID-19 Surge (Reuters)
The Fed hinted on Wednesday the economic recovery is nearing a place where it may not need as much monetary support.


Is The Boom Over For US-Listed Chinese Companies? (Institutional Investor)
One short seller argues Beijing is responding to a recently passed law requiring companies to use U.S.-regulated auditors or face delisting.


5 Most Loved Funds Of The Booming ETF Industry (Yahoo Finance)
These ETFs can continue to be investors’ darlings for the rest of 2021 if the current market trends prevail.


ProFunds Launches 1st US Bitcoin Strategy Mutual Fund (Financial Advisor)
The fund invests primarily in bitcoin one-month futures contracts.


Midyear Responsible Investing Update (Parametric Portfolio)
COVID has prompted increased interest in all things ESG.


Factors In Focus: Momentum (Evidence-Based Investor)
Compared to other factors, momentum is countercyclical. So is tilting toward it really a good idea?


Delta Variant Vs Inflation (The Big Picture)
Inflation is no longer seen as the biggest risk to markets.


The 'Remarkable' Business Investment Recovery (Axios)
Businesses are positioning themselves for even more growth.

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