Hot Reads: Optimal Inflation Is Likely Zero

Plus, a look at where we are in the current economic cycle.
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The Optimal Inflation Target (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
A careful review of the academic papers on monetary policy and inflation target suggest the best number is not 2%, but zero.


Where Are We In The Cycle? (The Irrelevant Investor)
When you put everything together, some pieces of the puzzle seem very out of place.


What Investors Really Need To Know About Crypto (ThinkAdvisor)
Ric Edelman says the recent crypto rout "will not change anyone's views."


A Hard Look At Soft Commodity ETFs (ETF Edge)
Persistent supply chain struggles have shaken up the global commodity complex.


How To Avoid Greenwashing In Bond Portfolios (Parametric Portfolio)
What can responsible investors in fixed income expect in the year to come?


SPACS Are Sputtering (Institutional Investor)
Banks, lawyers and sponsors said, "It's different this time." But it wasn't.


Bonds May Be Down, But Some Annuity Payouts Are Up (ThinkAdvisor)
Annuity payouts can be affected by bond yields, so as interest rates have increased, so has the payout rate for a variety of annuity strategies.


The Biggest Mistake An Investor Can Make (Compound Advisors)
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