Hot Reads: Powell Sees Correction for Housing Market

September 22, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Powell: US Housing Market Headed for 'Correction' (Reuters)
The Federal Reserve Chair said "red hot" price increases have put home ownership out of reach for many Americans.


Dimon: Crypto Tokens 'Decentralized Ponzi Schemes' (Financial Advisor)
The JPMorgan Chase CEO didn't mince words in a congressional testimony on Wednesday.


Bitcoin Lingers Near 3-Month Low After Fed Hikes Rates (FA Mag)
The result was basically as expected, but is likely a temporary sigh of relief.


Is a Recession Bullish? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
Plus, interest rates versus inflation for the stock market.


Gold CEOs: Soaring Costs to Hobble Mining Industry Into 2023 (Advisor Perspectives)
Gold producers are grappling with the byproduct of a hawkish U.S. central bank.


How to Keep More Money in Retirement (Kiplinger)
Steps to consider now that could minimize your taxes later.


Why Market Predictions Are Best Ignored (The Evidence Based Investor)
Many of the predictions are contradictory and confused. It's not much more than guesswork.


Revisiting the Market Valuation (Validea)
It looks like the 2022 bear market might be with us longer than many of us had hoped.


Wood Turns Over Portfolio Manager Role for 2 ARK ETFs (
The move is the group’s third shake-up of leading roles at the company in three months.


When Will Bonds Become A ‘Buy’? (The Capital Spectator)
The situation is rapidly evolving and involves multiple factors.


Transforming the Economics & Governance of Water (Jackson Hole Economics)
Water-related crises around the world have shown that current systems is unsuitable for a world altered by global warming.

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